Why Pay More?

Welcome to HUGHES APPLIANCE! We are 100% dedicated to being your #1 go to shop for quality new and used appliances. We focus heavily on the quality, and functionality of the products that we sell. We have had over 30 years of experience working with appliances, so we know exactly what you want when you buy a used appliance. We know you want it to look good, be clean, and above all, work properly. Our technicians work night and day to make sure that every piece we sell is in excellent physical, and functional condition. We strive to give you an experience unlike any other appliance shop in Ft. Wayne. We want to give you garage sale prices, but provide you with quality appliances that function, and look like they are fresh from your local appliance shop sales floor. We know everything used can't be perfect, but we definitely strive for perfection when it comes to getting our products ready for you! We also like to give you an opportunity to make space for your new/used appliances, so we are happy to take any unwanted appliances (Working, or not) off of your hands. Bottom line, when you leave our shop, we want you to know you got the BEST deal in Ft. Wayne! We are located at 5830 Industrial Road Ft. Wayne IN, 46825. inside of the industrial park area at the corner of Washington Center Road, and Industrial Road. Please call or stop by, and let us show you why we are the #1 place to come for quality used, and new appliances.
                                             HUGHES APPLIANCE
                                               5830 Industrial Road
                                              Fort Wayne, IN 46825
                                         If you need us after hours call: 
                                                 Hours Of Operation:
                                                  10:00am to 6:00pm
                                          Saturday: 10:00am to 4:00pm 
                                           Sunday: 12:00pm to 5:00pm
                                If you need to come by after normal business
                                 hours, , please feel free to call us and we will
                                       do our very best to take care of you!
                                      We try  to be available at all times, so
                           If you need us during these times, just give us a call
                                   before you stop by. Thank you so much!